Poland 2019, Warsaw

The 24th International Network Meeting for the Treatment of Psychosis 2019

Warsaw, Poland  28.08. - 1.09.2019

Dear Friends,

We welcome you to the 24th International Network Meeting for the Treatment of Psychosis, which takes place in Warsaw, Poland. The Meeting is held in Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel**** in the center of the city.


The meeting welcomes teams and individuals who at their work/life encounter people and networks during a severe life crisis. We are welcoming people also to share their own experiences of treatment and encounters during challenging times in their lives. During the last decades, one of the aims in these meetings has been to find forms of treatment for experiences that can be defined as “psychotic” crises. The focus has been in reducing the use of hospitalization and medication in treatment processes and systems.


For people who are interested in Open Dialogue Approach, we offer the Pre-seminar on Wednesday (28.08.) which will give a chance to meet prof Jaakko Seikkula and know better 7 principles which are guidelines for this practice. We plan as well to have Open Dialogue life-session with the family. Maximum group size is 50 people.


As in the past years, on Wednesday evening all participants are invited to create the themes for the workshops which will take place the next day. If you already have ideas for the workshops - please inform us beforehand, so we can preplan some on them. Important is that we have at the meeting venue comfortable place for 10 workshops which can be held parallel.


Because the Meeting takes place the first time in Poland, therefore at the Open Day (Friday), you will find out how the International Network has helped the Polish team (since 2012) to build needed competences in Open Dialogue and then convince decision-makers to dedicate resources to set up Community Mental Health Centers in two counties and one district of Warsaw. They are part of the pilotage of the mental health system reform which has been started in 2018.


There will be two forms of speech - presentation and interview.  The speakers are Izabela Ciuńczyk (Poland), Pina Ridente (Italy), prof Jaakko Seikkula (Finland), Magnus P. Hald (Norway), dr. med. Rolf Michels (Germany) and dr. med. Werner Schuetze (Germany).

The interview will be carried out with prof Bogdan de Barbaro, prof Jacek Wciórka, dr. med Aldona Krawczyk, Bożena Piróg, Aleksandra Lisińska-Jarża, Beata Walter, Mariusz Panek, dr Tomasz Rowiński, prof Maria Załuska, Anna Kossowska-Lubowicka and Monika Dąbrowska-Kowalska.


Traditionally Saturday has been committed to studies and research, so we welcome all suggestions for plenaries about this also. We do hope to hear that day prof. Jaakko Seikkula (Finland) and Ph.D. Luc De Bry (Belgium). We look for other people who want to share the research outcomes.


As in previous years, an important element of the Meeting will be time spent outside the plenary room - I hope, that we will fasten the International Network of people who are mutually supportive to each other between meetings.


We have finished registration to Pre-seminar while the registration to the International Meeting is still open. It is possible also to participate only in the Open Day. 

The Organizers of the Meeting

Polish Institute of Open Dialogue
Leadership Management Polska Ltd
EZRA Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw Ltd
Foundation for the Promotion of Social Development “Leonardo”
The Psychology Institute, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw

      Contact us: meeting@otwartydialog.pl